The World Bank Group has approved US$120 million to finance Burundi Transport Resilience Project

Route- Rumonge2


 “This project aims to provide efficient, safe and climate-resilient road connectivity along the main corridor linking Burundi to Tanzania. It will also strengthen the sector’s institutional capacity to plan, develop and maintain climate-resilient road assets in a sustainable manner,” do we read in an article posted on the World Bank website.

This transport resilience project in Burundi is funded by the International Development Association (*IDA) and will be implemented over five years. The World Bank continues to report via that article.

“The project includes mutually reinforcing components that will improve and increase the resilience of road infrastructure on key road sections and address some of the underlying causes of road degradation, while providing community-friendly social infrastructure and protecting vulnerable road users.”

The other goal with this project is to connect people to markets, increase trade and improve access to opportunities through resilient, safe and open road access all year round. The project will address identified needs of the sector, such as strengthening road management capacity and training transport specialists, with a particular focus on integrating women into the sector.

For Hawa Cissé Wagué, World Bank Resident Representative in Burundi, “The institutional capacity building and human resource development activities financed under this project are essential to help the country achieve its sector development objectives as well as to lay the foundation for an efficient and sustainable transport sector.”

The Rumonge road is benefiting from another grant for its widening and rehabilitation of 45 km from the AfDB. The grant is worth USD 66 million.



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