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Avatar photoHernin Guerin IngabireSeptember 19, 2023

In an exhilarating showcase of talent and creativity, Slamors Tanguy Star and Brillant Stéphane Sabushimike, also known as BSS, captivated audiences at Izuba on Saturday evening, September 16, 2023. The duo, best known as “Team Kamikaze,” brought together elements of dance, singing, humor, and comedy, creating a truly extraordinary performance that left the audience buzzing […]


On June 15, 2023, panelists at the French Institute of Burundi discussed ways to overcome the challenges that Burundian artists and creatives face when trying to gain recognition on the global stage. One thing is for sure: the challenges are much greater than you may think. Yish Karamu, a visual artist, is well-acquainted with the […]

Avatar photoGuillaume MuhozaApril 18, 2023

The Festival, organized for the first time in Burundi, receives financial and logistical support from Canal Plus, the European and French embassies in Burundi, and Swiss Cooperation. The event spans two weeks of training for young aspiring humorists, culminating in three shows on three consecutive day. The first of them was held on Monday April […]

Avatar photoPrince MusoreApril 17, 2023

First of all, a big and great congratulation on your recent nominations at the Souss International Short Film Festival and the Festival International de Cinéma Vues d’Afrique. How do you feel about being recognized by African most prestigious event planners? Being nominated in those film festivals is a great honor, especially considering the fact that […]

Avatar photoPrince MusoreApril 12, 2023

He is a painter, a photographer, and a fashion model. Amongst all those talents, he nourishes a passion for the seventh art. An art through which he gave birth to a masterpiece of film worthy of the greatest screens. A film that has already awarded him international acclaim and recognition. A film that tells a […]

Avatar photoGuillaume MuhozaApril 11, 2023

Bujumbura, the vibrant capital of Burundi, is gearing up to host an event that promises to tickle everyone’s funny bone. Supported financially and logistically by Canal Plus, and the embassies of European Union, France, and Swiss Cooperation in Burundi, this festival is not only a celebration of comedy but also a testament to the power […]

Iris NewsJanuary 26, 2023

Among high profile attendees were the USIU Vice Chancellor professor Margee Ensign, the Deputy Vice Chancellor, the Dean of School of Humanities and Social Sciences, and the representative of Burundi diaspora in Kenya. Victor Bol from South Sudan and Anyika Muchesia from Kenya launched their respective books as well. Below is his full speech to […]

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