Author: Guillaume Muhoza

Avatar photoGuillaume MuhozaSeptember 18, 2023

At the Emeraude Hotel in Bujumbura, on September 16, 2023, CDE Great Lakes organized a workshop that brought together journalists, media executives, press and economic experts, university professors, and other influential figures in the media and economy. The purpose of the workshop was to explore the crucial role of the media in promoting Burundi’s economic […]

Avatar photoGuillaume MuhozaAugust 8, 2023

In a bid to improve the efficiency and punctuality of teachers and medical workers, the Minister of Interior has issued a clear message urging them to refrain from relying on free rides to commute to their workplaces. In his message, delivered on Saturday August 5, during the ceremonies of the Solidarity Day, the Minister of […]

Avatar photoGuillaume MuhozaJune 28, 2023

Summary : Canada has sought to bolster its standing as a leading destination for immigrant entrepreneurs by introducing an “innovation stream” that offers attractive benefits to professionals in select tech industries. The announcement was made at the Collision 2023 event held on Tuesday by Sean Fraser, the Minister of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship. A notable aspect […]


Bujumbura is engaging in a phoenix-like resurrection from the ashes. Since 2023, the Burundi Government has launched a charming initiative aiming to raise the city’s profile and establish a stronger presence on the global stage after years of lethargy and invisibility due to years of civil crisis.   It is not so often that Bujumbura, […]

Avatar photoGuillaume MuhozaApril 18, 2023

The Festival, organized for the first time in Burundi, receives financial and logistical support from Canal Plus, the European and French embassies in Burundi, and Swiss Cooperation. The event spans two weeks of training for young aspiring humorists, culminating in three shows on three consecutive day. The first of them was held on Monday April […]

Avatar photoGuillaume MuhozaApril 18, 2023

On Monday April 17th, Iris News and BujaHub signed a partnership that seeks to empower young entrepreneurs with the necessary tools to showcase their work, garner support and take their businesses to the next level.   Among others, the partnership will see Iris News and BujaHub working together to promote start-up movement growth in Burundi […]

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