We are the latest addition to the Burundian media landscape. We are called Iris News.

In an ecosystem where the journalist works in immediacy and under the pressure of the ratings/readership or the competition and in increasingly short formats. In an ecosystem where it is increasingly difficult to vary angles, to confront points of view, to verify information properly, to put it into perspective… In an ecosystem where shock images and cookie-cutter formulas are becoming sources of hasty, even caricatured, simplifications, we have come to change the deal.

6 editorial aggregates will articulate the bulk of our editorial offer: Business, Ecology, EAC, Youth, Culture and Sport.

Iris News, media for entrepreneurs

Iris News is a media for Burundian start-ups. You will discover numerous interviews with young or seasoned entrepreneurs, articles and thematic files, focus by sector and by trade, analyses, advice from experts and major Burundian and foreign business leaders. Iris News will offer a mix of news, analyses, studies and trends in the entrepreneurship sector. You will find an agenda of start-up events and all the news of the start-up ecosystem at national and regional level.

Iris News in ecology

The environment touches on profound social issues that need to be addressed today. In Burundi, the press committed to the ecological fight is still in its embryonic stage while the urgency to save the planet is pressing. How can we continue to talk about the production of wealth when we know that environmental degradation generates growth points? How can we analyze the dynamics of production without looking upstream at the living conditions and environment of the people affected? Iris News is committed to placing environmental issues at the heart of its editorial work in order to enable the Burundian public to take a fresh look at the world and how to protect the planet.

Iris News, media for youth 

The Burundian press constructs a rather stereotypical image of young people. Our youth is often portrayed as disillusioned, idle and individualistic… Of course, some reports have a different tone. But generally speaking, young people get a bad press. Another phenomenon often observed is that the voice of young people is confiscated: it is adults who speak in the place of young people, the voice of the adult appearing to be more legitimate. In this context, it seems more urgent to us to emphasize proximity in order to try to encourage young people to occupy spaces of expression that are too often untapped.

Iris News comes to reinforce the critical capacities of young people, to equip them with the skills that will enable them to separate the essential from the accessory in this constantly changing world, to judge from a broad horizon of meaning.

Iris News in culture and sport

Iris News, media for young people: Telling stories, arousing interest, entertaining and engaging audiences on a variety of topics in these two areas. This is the specificity of our offer in the field of culture: to create more and more show and entertainment and above all to question these two sectors in order to build a real press that leads to their true professionalization.

Iris News for the EAC

We have to admit that in Burundi, optimism in favor of the EAC community is below the hopes it raised in the aftermath of regional integration. At Iris News, we feel the need to participate and accompany the Burundian government in the success of the integration process in the EAC region. We will put special emphasis on the appropriation of the ideals of regional integration by Burundians especially the youth in order to participate to the best of our ability in the creation of a borderless, peaceful, prosperous and cohesive region, built on good governance and where Burundians have the capacity to access and exploit the enormous resources of the community through the creation of sustainable development opportunities.

Ultimately, our goal is to help young people shape a prosperous Burundi. This is therefore the media of possibilities.

Beyond the pride felt by the possibility of implementing a common project, the time constraints of news processing, the editorial line to be defined, the ethical problems that may arise, the consideration of the reader or the listener impose on us as the other would say: you will judge us by our actions…

About us

Iris News is a generalist Burundian media with 6 editorial aggregates that articulate the bulk of its information offer: Entrepreneurship, Ecology, EAC, Youth, Culture and Sport. Iris News, a media from the future defines itself as « The media of possibilities » designed to help young Burundians shape a prosperous and environmentally friendly Burundi.