Author: Guillaume Muhoza

Avatar photoGuillaume MuhozaApril 18, 2023

The Festival, organized for the first time in Burundi, receives financial and logistical support from Canal Plus, the European and French embassies in Burundi, and Swiss Cooperation. The event spans two weeks of training for young aspiring humorists, culminating in three shows on three consecutive day. The first of them was held on Monday April […]

Avatar photoGuillaume MuhozaApril 18, 2023

On Monday April 17th, Iris News and BujaHub signed a partnership that seeks to empower young entrepreneurs with the necessary tools to showcase their work, garner support and take their businesses to the next level.   Among others, the partnership will see Iris News and BujaHub working together to promote start-up movement growth in Burundi […]

Avatar photoGuillaume MuhozaApril 11, 2023

Bujumbura, the vibrant capital of Burundi, is gearing up to host an event that promises to tickle everyone’s funny bone. Supported financially and logistically by Canal Plus, and the embassies of European Union, France, and Swiss Cooperation in Burundi, this festival is not only a celebration of comedy but also a testament to the power […]

Avatar photoGuillaume MuhozaApril 8, 2023

During the second part of his interview with talk show host Jerome Niyonzima, President of Burundi Evariste Ndayishimiye stressed his vision of Burundi as an emerging country in 2040.  “We are currently shaping the vision. We started by assessing what is available to citizens in developed countries. We envision a Burundi that is globally respected, […]

Avatar photoGuillaume MuhozaFebruary 10, 2023

It is commendable that the President engages with the youth to understand the struggles they face in their entrepreneurial pursuits. However, investing in high-quality service delivery is actually the ultimate key to nurturing innovation among young people. « If the services offered in Burundi continue to be mediocre, and God only knows how many people […]

Avatar photoGuillaume MuhozaFebruary 8, 2023

  In universities, few resist the pressure to taste sexual intercourse due to unlimited ‘freedom’ and inciteful practices. Poverty, excessive consumption of alcohol and narcotics increasingly expose students to certain practices that endanger their lives, pushing them to engage in sexual relations that happen at some cost including possibility of contracting sexually transmitted infections (STIs) […]

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