Minister of Interior Urges Teachers and Medical Workers to Stop Relying on Free Rides; Threatens Dismissal for Persistent Offenders

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In a bid to improve the efficiency and punctuality of teachers and medical workers, the Minister of Interior has issued a clear message urging them to refrain from relying on free rides to commute to their workplaces.

In his message, delivered on Saturday August 5, during the ceremonies of the Solidarity Day, the Minister of Interior made it abundantly clear that this behavior is unacceptable. He stressed the importance of punctuality and urged the teachers and medical workers to prioritize being on time for their responsibilities.

The minister stated, “The job starts at 7:30, and it is important that you are not on the road waiting for a free ride before that time. Those who engage in this behavior need to be promptly dismissed from their positions because they are stealing from the government doing that.”

Over the recent years, teachers and health workers in the interior of the country have grown accustomed to depending on the generosity of others for transportation. Despite remarks by authorities, particularly in the education sector, to discourage this practice, many continue to wait for altruistic individuals who can provide them with rides to and from work.

By outlining the consequences of persistent reliance on free rides, the minister hopes to enforce a stronger sense of accountability among teachers and medical workers.

However, those who rely on free transportation to commute to their workplace justify it by the challenges they face in finding suitable accommodation near their assigned areas of work, lack of money to pay every day to get to their workplace as well as their inability to afford personal modes of transportation such as motorcycles or cars.

While the minister’s message aims to improve the efficiency and punctuality of teachers and health workers, it also underscores the need for the government to address the underlying issues that contribute to this reliance on free rides. Efforts should be made to provide affordable and accessible housing options for these professionals, ensuring their ability to settle near their places of work, and decent salaries.


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