Team Kamikaze’s Revolution II: A Fusion of Art and Entertainment Takes Bujumbura by Storm


In an exhilarating showcase of talent and creativity, Slamors Tanguy Star and Brillant Stéphane Sabushimike, also known as BSS, captivated audiences at Izuba on Saturday evening, September 16, 2023. The duo, best known as “Team Kamikaze,” brought together elements of dance, singing, humor, and comedy, creating a truly extraordinary performance that left the audience buzzing with excitement.

Dubbed Revolution II, this show proved to be a testament to the group’s commitment to pushing artistic boundaries. Their seamless fusion of various art forms into a single captivating show left spectators in awe. Drawing a large crowd of enthusiastic young urbanites, the event at Izuba was a testament to the growing popularity of Team Kamikaze.

Team Kamikaze first burst onto the scene three years ago, and since then, they have consistently amazed audiences with their groundbreaking performances. Revolution I and Revolution II, their two shows, have been staged at various venues, including the Institut français du Burundi and other cultural exhibition areas in Bujumbura.

Beyond their local success, Tanguy and BSS share a common aspiration: to make a name for themselves on the international art stage. Their goal is to elevate the art of slam to a respected and established form of expression in Burundi. With their unique blend of talent, passion, and determination, Team Kamikaze is poised to break through barriers and cement their place as trailblazers in the realm of slam artistry.



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