October 12, 2022 Breakfast Press Review


Uganda Ebola outbreak: First death recorded in capital Kampala, Nigeria urges British Museum to follow US and repatriate bronzes, More than 20 Russians have sailed in yachts from North Pacific ports to South Korea, US is to ‘review’ ties with Saudi Arabia amid anger over oil cuts and other news

 BBC this morning reports the death of first Ebola patient in Uganda’s capital as the health ministry has confirmed.

He was the 19th victim in the current outbreak of the deadly virus but the first to die in Kampala. There have been 54 confirmed cases in Uganda but no others have been recorded in the city. You will know that 20 people have recovered including five medics from the first hospital where a case was treated. They were discharged on Tuesday.

Nigeria urges British Museum to follow US and repatriate bronzes

The culture minister of Nigeria has urged the British Museum to follow the example of the Smithsonian Institution, which on Tuesday returned ownership of 29 Benin bronzes to Nigeria at a celebratory event in Washington.

As The Guardian the story from The Guardian states, Lai Mohammed praised the move by the US National Museum of African Art, which follows a recent restitution agreement with Germany that included the handover of two Benin bronzes. Last year, Mohammed’s ministry formally requested the return of Benin artefacts from the British Museum in London.

“They should learn from what has happened today and what happened in Germany,” Mohammed told the Guardian, recalling how British MPs told him the museum was bound by law not to deaccession items in its collection.

 More than 20 Russians have sailed in yachts from North Pacific ports to South Korea,

The report is from Reuters, The Russian fled to avoid military call-up to fight in Ukraine. Most have reportedly been refused entry.

There has been an exodus of conscription-age men from Russia since President Vladimir Putin ordered a partial mobilization on 21 September, but most fled by road, rail and air to Europe, and neighboring former Soviet Union countries, like Georgia, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan.

On Tuesday, South Korean broadcaster KBS reported that at least 21 Russians had arrived aboard yachts at ports in the south of the country, but only two had been granted entry, while others were refused as authorities deemed their purpose “ambiguous”.

Biden, asked whether Putin will use nuclear weapons, says, ‘I don’t think he will’

When US President Joe Biden was asked in a Tuesday evening interview on CNN whether he thinks Putin will use nuclear weapons, he said, “I don’t think he will.” Biden was speaking after warning last week that the world faced the most acute nuclear threat for 60 years –since the Cuban missile crisis.

“The whole point I was making was it could lead to just a horrible outcome,” he told Tapper. “And not because anybody intends to turn it into a world war or anything, but just once you use a nuclear weapon, the mistakes that can be made, the miscalculations, who knows what would happen.”

US is to ‘review’ ties with Saudi Arabia amid anger over oil cuts

The Biden administration has said it will “re-evaluate” ties with Saudi Arabia as United States lawmakers grow increasingly critical of the Gulf kingdom following a decision by a group of major oil producers, including Riyadh, to cut petroleum output.

US Department of State spokesperson Ned Price said on Tuesday that the US is “reviewing” its relationship with Saudi Arabia in consultation with lawmakers in Washington and allies abroad as we can read it in Al Jazeera columns this morning.

The story of this Qatari press house says Saudi Arabia has stressed that the October 5 decision to reduce production by two million barrels per day is aimed at stabilizing the oil market – not driving up prices – amid interest rates hikes by central banks and the prospects of a global recession.

Some of Saudi Arabia’s supporters also have argued that the security relationship between Washington and Riyadh is mutually beneficial — not a favor from the US. Riyadh says oil production curbs are ‘purely economic’ as critics in Washington accuse it of empowering Moscow.



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