October 11, 2022 Breakfast Press Review


Ruto commits to building Tanzania-Kenya gas pipeline, Russia brutally strikes on Kyiv in an attack to pay-back to the attack on the Crimean bridge, Venezuela landslides killed dozens as homes swept away

Kenya intends to press on with the building of a natural gas pipeline from Tanzania’s main city Dar es Salaam, to its coastal city of Mombasa and later to the capital Nairobi, in a bid to lower energy tariffs, Kenya’s President William Ruto has said and BBC reports.

The costs of the 600km (372-mile) pipeline would be about $1.1bn (£990m) reports from Tanzania suggest.  Mr Ruto spoke to Tanzanian media on Monday, shortly after holding bilateral talks with President Samia Suluhu, on his first visit to the neighbouring country since he took office in September. Mr Ruto said the project would lower energy tariffs in the industrial sector, as well as for families in their homes.

In May last year, Mr Ruto’s predecessor, Uhuru Kenyatta and Ms Suluhu signed a preliminary agreement covering the transport of gas from Tanzania to Kenya for use in power generation and, potentially, for cooking and heating. The deal was said to be part of a longer-term plan to expand infrastructure links between the two big economies of East Africa.

Venezuela landslides: Dozens killed as homes swept away

The number of people killed has risen to 36, and 56 others are missing, after landslides swept away their homes in the Venezuelan town of Las Tejerías. According to news from BBC about 1,000 emergency personnel are taking part in search and rescue operations.

“We’re trying to save whoever we can and are expressing our condolences to all those who have lost a loved one,” Vice-President Delcy Rodríguez said. President Nicolás Maduro has declared three days of national mourning.

Torrential rainfall caused the river El Pato to burst its banks. The resulting floodwaters swept away, trees, cars, houses and shops in the town, some 50km south-west of the capital, Caracas.

Russia brutally strikes on Kyiv

The hail of indiscriminate missile fire across Ukraine this morning was Russia’s brutal payback for the attack on the Crimean bridge. Russian President Vladimir Putin called it the response to an “act of terrorism” which he blamed on Ukraine.

“But it was also Mr Putin’s response to hawks in his own camp who have been growing increasingly restless with Russian losses in the war and increasingly loud with their calls for tougher action. Those pro-Kremlin officials and TV hosts who were depressed and dejected just days ago are now cheering this assault on their neighbour, gloating and even dancing in social media posts as Ukraine grieves for its dead and picks through the wreckage of multiple attacks.” tells BBC News.

The barrage of missiles was Gen Sergei Surovikin’s first day of work.

Now in charge of Russia’s war effort, his appointment this weekend was a sop by Mr Putin to the hardliners.

The Crimean bridge strike on Saturday pushed Russian dismay at the war’s progress to a peak.

US is headed for a recession, says head of JP Morgan Chase bank: ‘This is serious’

Jamie Dimon, head of JP Morgan Chase bank, said the Federal Reserve ‘waited too long and did too little’ as inflation has surged in the past 18 months

An article fron The Guardian says Dimon pointed to the effects of runaway inflation, sharp interest rate rises and Russia’s war in Ukraine, as factors that informed his thinking. But he added that the US is “actually still doing well” and consumers were likely to be in better shape compared with the global financial crisis in 2008. “You can’t talk about the economy without talking about stuff in the future – and this is serious stuff,” Dimon told CNBC at a conference in London.


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