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Procrastination is a bad habit that manifests itself in the tendency to run away from tackling the main task, and look for small, easy tasks instead.

The habit that plagues many people can prevent you from getting far in your work. You always end up with endless activities. This habit can also disrupt the relationship with your colleagues or employees. You may even feel like a coward and see your life as a mess.  

That’s why it takes a serious decision to get out of it.  Here are some tips to get out of this trap

– First of all, forgive yourself whenever you have fail to achieve a task you ought to finalize. Research shows that self-forgiveness can help you feel better about yourself. Researchers have found that many of those who don’t do scheduled activities are hindered by the fact that they have many unfinished tasks and gradually fall into the trap of endless laziness and accept it as nature. Researchers ask you to forgive yourself for the past and start again as a new person.

-Write down what you need to do each day and commit to achieving it.

– Learn to praise yourself when you complete a task. If you complete a difficult task on time, give yourself a reward. You can give yourself something to eat, drink or treat yourself to an outing. This helps you to prioritize your work without distraction.

– Ask someone you trust as a companion to remind you from time to time what you need to do and check that you have done it well. This is called « positive peer pressure »

– Solve problems that arise early before they become too many and difficult to solve.

– Limit distractions. If you have to do something quickly, turn off your phone and social networks, and avoid sitting near them while you’re at it!

– “Eat the elephant first”, the saying invites you to do the first task you find difficult in your daily life! This will allow you to finish the activities that require energy. Motivated, it will be easier for you to do other following tasks later.

Do you think these tips will help you?


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