Davy Carmel Ingabire: a Burundian icon of entertainment journalism

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  • Davy Carmel Ingabire, 33 years old, radio icon of a whole generation in Burundi, journalist and stylist, is now a luxury MC in Rwandan showbiz industry.
  • He has just officiated as an MC, in the launching ceremonies of the Youth Connekt in Kigali, which brought together more than 9000 young Africans.
  • The star born in Burundi is the symbol of youth who triumphs no matter where: living in Rwanda since the events of 2015, the Mutanga native has established himself on Rwandan television as presenter of the famous French-speaking programme: le Miroir.

Imposing stature, dark complexion, handsome. Davy Carmel has all the makings of a sexy man, but one quality outshines all the others: his perfect mastery of French. And it is perhaps this one that essentially paved and still nourishes his success.

As the initiator of TopTen Tube a programme which aired every Thursday at 8.05 pm and that managed to establish itself among young Burundian music lovers, in particular, by proposing a ranking of the ten best songs, and presenter of the then popular quizz programme Club de midi… Davy Carmel has for more than 5 years lulled the dreams of young people who want to make a career in journalism

For this young journalist, law graduate, when the crisis of 2015 hit at the peak of his career, he thought it was all over. But he is not one to give up easily. He went to look everywhere for a job, whether in the media or in fashion, which have always been his two passions.

He would knock on door after door seeking for a potential employer. That is until the doors of Rwanda TV, where he currently works, opened. Since February 2016, he has been hosting Le MIROIR, a programme that aims to inspire young people through the discovery of professional success stories of different personalities.

Encouraged by the increasing number of Rwandans who want to learn French, Davy Carmel launched this year “En Classe”, a French learning program

In addition to his work in TV, he has pursued his career as a fashion designer with his pioneering Burundian fashion house DavyK, from Kigali they produce clothes that are distributed in the four continents of the world.

In an interview with the Iwacu Press Group in 2020, this young journalist who keeps cherishing the culture of his native land, said that if he were appointed Minister of Culture, he would do two things: multiplication of museums that recreate, exhibit, celebrate and research the roots of the rich life of Burundians and the establishment of more cultural centers where young people can exercise their talents, benefit from courses offered by experts, enjoy sharing sessions with young people from other countries and have theatres where they can perform their artistic talents.


Almost perfect, Davy Carmel has only one sin; journalist and host of cultural programs at Radio Bonesha FM from 2006 to 2015, he literally created from nothing several stars of Burundian music, the only bad thing with this, is that they disappeared with him: who doesn’t remember the years 2012-2015 with rappers like 19th, Over do Team Forever, DJ Prince or even RNB stars like Emery Sun, Sal-G, R Flow and Samanta? To different degrees, it would not be totally wrong to say that they have been extinguished.

The question now is: would we have another journalist of Davy Carmel’s calibre in Burundi’s music industry? Let’s hope.




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