The Ben vs. Coach Gael: A Tale of Betrayal and Sabotage around a Stolen iPhone 14

The Ben - Bujumbura

In a hollywoodesque turn of events, Rwandan singer The Ben’s iPhone 14 stolen during a concert in Bujumbura-Burundi, tracked finally in Kigali. As the investigations are still underway, everything seem to point towards Coach Gael, the manager of fellow Rwanda musician Bruce Melodie. A saga that involves Tanzanian star Diamond Platnumz.

The situation surrounding The Ben’s missing phone during a concert in Bujumbura on September 30, 2023, has taken an unexpected turn.

Prior and post to the concerts, rumors circulated about Bruce Melodie’s camp attempting to sabotage The Ben’s shows in Bujumbura. Bruce Melodie is managed by Coach Gael under the music label 1:55 AM that previously managed The Ben as well. However, The Ben & Coach Gael connection soured after Coach Gael reportedly invested over $70,000 in The Ben’s song “Why,” featuring Tanzanian artist Diamond Platnumz.

After the release of the song, The Ben and Coach Gael got into a heated dispute over the artist’s financial obligations coming from the earnings generated by the song. Since then, the two have been engaged in a bitter feud, with Coach Gael resorting to various tactics to protect his interests.

This drama took an even more dramatic turn when a man named Eric Ndayiragije, also known as X-Dealer, was allegedly sent to Bujumbura with the mission to attend The Ben’s concert and steal from there the artist’s phone.

It is believed that Coach Gael offered him a substantial sum of money, around 3 million Rwf, to steal the phone in order to obtain the documents related to old agreements between him and The Ben. However, the plan went awry when the Rwandan Investigation Bureau tracked the phone in Nyamirambo in Kigali, the capital of Rwanda.

As a result, Eric Ndayiragije was apprehended for further investigation and is still in jail.

More on this story will follow.





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