October 5, 2022, Breakfast Press Review

South Korea and U.S. fire missiles into the sea to protest ‘reckless’ North Korea test, Musk ready to buy Twitter at original price of $44bn, the technology billionaire also has unveiled the latest prototype of a humanoid robot and other news. A dive into this morning world news

As Al Jazeera reports this morning those exercises were designed to show allies’ military capabilities and deter North Korea from carrying out more ‘provocations’.

South Korea and the United States have carried out a series of missile drills in response to North Korea’s first ballistic missile launch over Japan since 2017.

The suspected intermediate-range ballistic missile flew about 4,600km (2,850 miles) on Tuesday morning before falling into the Pacific, the longest flight for any North Korean test.

Musk ready to buy Twitter at original price of $44bn

Twitter and Elon Musk, founder of SpaceX and chief executive officer of Tesla Inc, were set to enter the courtroom this month, with Twitter seeking an order directing Musk to close the deal at $54.20 per share, understands Al Jazeera.

Musk sent Twitter a letter on Monday that said he intended to proceed with the deal on the original terms if the Delaware judge stayed the proceedings. A source familiar with Twitter’s team told Reuters news agency that at a court hearing on Tuesday morning the judge requested the two sides to report back in the evening.

The news comes ahead of a highly anticipated face-off between Musk and Twitter on October 17 in the Court of Chancery in Georgetown, Delaware, the US. In court, the social media company was set to seek an order directing Musk to close the deal for $44bn.

Remember, Musk agreed in April to buy Twitter for $44bn and within weeks said the number of bot accounts was much higher than Twitter’s estimate of less than 5 percent of users. Bots are automated accounts, and their use can lead to overestimations of how many humans are on the service, which is important for advertising rates and the overall value of the service.

 Elon Musk has also unveiled the latest prototype of a humanoid robot

Optimus appeared on stage at a Silicon Valley event, where he greeted the audience and raised his knees this October  3, 2022.

People watched a video of Optimus performing simple tasks, such as watering plants, carrying boxes and lifting metal bars.

The CEO said the robot was in development but could be sold to the public in a few years.

Mr Musk said the robots would be mass-produced, costing less than $20,000, and would be available within three to five years.

The Tesla boss spoke of a “future of abundance” ahead, as the story written by BBC indicates.

French PM wants to continue sanctions on Russia to ‘make the cost of the war unbearable’

 “Our objective has been the same from the start: making the cost of the war unbearable for Russia, hitting its economy hard to prevent it from financing its offensive”, Elizabeth Borne PM of France has told the National Assembly as MPs returned to work after their summer break. Do we read in Rfi.

“Moscow is trying to keep up its illusion. But the facts are there. Russian propaganda shouldn’t fool us. The Russian economy is suffocating”, she added.

Deposed president of Burkina Faso, Lieutenant-Colonel Paul-Henri Sandaogo Damiba, has addressed the people of Burkina Faso

This happens after the coup d’état perpetrated by Captain Ibrahim Traoré. He wished success to the coup plotters and urged them to “unite rather than disperse”.

In his address to the nation, former president Paul-Henri Sandaogo Damiba was very serene.

“My dear compatriots, I wish the new authorities of Faso every success. I invite them to work, especially to unite rather than disperse,” he said in a speech, a copy of which was sent to the BBC.

Three scientists share physics Nobel prize for quantum mechanics work

Alain Aspect, 75, John F Clauser, 79, and Anton Zeilinger, 77, have won the 10m Swedish kronor (£802,000) prize announced on Tuesday by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences in Stockholm. All three will receive an equal share of the prize. The trio is awarded the award for discoveries in the field of quantum mechanics that have paved the way for quantum computers and secure encrypted communication, writes The Guardian.




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