October 6, 2022 Breakfast Press Review
Tigray refugies in a bus /Al Jazzera


Tension escalates between South and North Korea as the latter launches 6th ballistic missile in 2 weeks. 10 were killed by ADF terrorists in Beni while Putin vows to stabilise annexed territories. Headlines of the world news this morning


Another ten civilians killed by the ADF in the Beni reports Politico CD in French

A new incursion attributed to ADF terrorists left more than 10 people dead on the evening of Tuesday 4 October in Vido, a locality in the Banande-Kainama grouping in the Beni territory (North Kivu).

According to UN Radio, in addition to the 11 civilians killed, at least 20 people are missing and 20 houses have been burnt down by the attackers.

In the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), they have established themselves as the most deadly armed group. Who are the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) rebels, presented by the Islamic State (EI) as its branch in Central Africa, even if the question of their membership in the jihadist galaxy is not yet unanimous.

Who are the ADF rebels ?

The ADF is originally a coalition of Ugandan armed groups, the largest of which was composed of Muslims, opposed to the regime of President Yoweri Museveni. They have been established since 1995 on the Congolese side of the Rwenzori Mountains, where they have taken root.

Since 2014, and even more so in 2017, the ADF are accused of having massacred more than 6,000 Congolese civilians during violent raids in the Beni region of North Kivu (east) and in Ituri (north-east).

North Korea fired the sixth ballistic missile, in 12 days

North Korea fired two short-range ballistic missile toward its east coast in the direction of Japan, after joint South Korean and US missile drills and the return of a US aircraft carrier to the region in response to the North’s recent missile tests.

The missile launch was the sixth in 12 days and the first since North Korea fired an intermediate-range missile (IRBM) over Japan on Tuesday.

The launch was reported by South Korea’s joint chiefs of staff and the Japanese government.

“This is the sixth time in the short period just counting the ones from the end of September,” Japanese prime minister Fumio Kishida told reporters. “This absolutely cannot be tolerated,” do we read in The Guardian of this June 6.

 Ethiopian government and Tigray rebels accept peace talks invitation

 The African Union invited the rival parties to negotiations in South Africa aimed at ending a two-year conflict. Writes Al Jazeera.

Ethiopia’s government and rebels from the country’s Tigray region say they have accepted an invitation by the African Union to participate in peace talks in South Africa.

The African Union (AU) invited the rival parties to negotiations aimed at ending a two-year conflict that has left thousands of civilians dead and millions uprooted, continue the qatari newspaper.

Both sides had previously said they were prepared to participate in AU-mediated talks but intense fighting has continued to rage across Tigray, a northern region bordering Eritrea.

The region of six million people has been facing desperate shortages of food, fuel, medicines and other emergency supplies, with the United Nations World Food Programme warning of rising malnutrition even before the latest fighting halted aid deliveries.

 Putin vows to ‘stabilise’ annexed regions as Ukraine makes gains headlines the BBC

In a speech to teachers on Russian teachers’ day, Mr Putin said he would “calmly develop” the annexed territories of Luhansk, Donetsk, Zaporizhzhia and Kherson last week after self-proclaimed referendums, not recognised internationally.

His vow came as Ukraine said it retook villages in Luhansk and Kherson and has made recent gains in Donetsk.


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