Sex, an Actual Exercise?

Shortness of breath, sweat, you have probably felt this after  a steamy session with your partner, having the impression of having run a 100m, like Usain Bolt beating the record in the discipline in 2009.Researchers at the University of Almería and the University of Murcia in Spain  gathered every past study they could find that examined the physical exertions involved in coitus, to put an end to the question that torments our minds  “Does sex count as sexual activity?”

Exercise yes, but a moderate one

Who says physical exercise says movement. And on this point, we all agree that during the act, the least we can say is that it’s quite hectic. In studies where people wore a monitoring system, heart rate it averaged between 90 and 130 beats per minute and reached a peak between 145 and 170 bpm. The number of calories burned varied depending on the study, however the highest number of calories burned was 130.The numbers are similar to those for a gentle run or a light workout session, except for the heart rate peaks which appears to rise higher than typical while jogging. As for the length of the sexual episodes, they likewise varied. Duration being considered from the start of foreplay to the male orgasm, in  young healthy couples, sexual intercourse appeared to last an average of 32.38 minutes.

Obviously, sex will help you burn calories and get you racing your heart. However, playing beneath sheets won’t replace a gym membership. Moreover,in a 2019 study of more than 6,000 men and women, the more people exercised, the less likely they were to report erectile dysfunction, among the men, and sexual dysfunction, among the women.


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