Bella Edissa Ngabirano, Miss Ngoma 2022, Launches an Awareness Campaign about Climate Change.

Miss Bella

Ignorance is undoubtedly the root of all evil. In the fight against climate change, ignorance is expensive as it surely results in the loss of lives. In response to the need to raise awareness and encourage more Burundians to take action towards climate change Bella Edissa Ngabirano, Miss Ngoma 2022, launched an online campaign.

People often think climate change is some western problem they can postpone; Bella Edissa doesn’t think it that way. The 20-year-old lady says it’s high time everyone took accountability of his actions and how they affect the environment: “I want to increase public awareness of climate change.”

As part of the campaign she called “My role for a healthy environment,” participants are invited to take a picture of themselves and post it on social media along a message urging people to protect the environment using the hashtag #PlusSain.

Speaking to Iris News, Edissa Ngabirano informed : “I want to spread the message via popular digital platforms such as Twitter and Instagram. Through these social channels, I’m conviced we can create meaningful impact in educating society about important topics such as preventing pollution and some other messages. People will post photos of them in environmental protection activities meant to inspire others to be more proactive in protecting their environment as well as work on making Burundi a safe place for everyone.“

Before adding : “ By leveraging the power of online media platforms, I want to bring passionate individuals to give their messages across various audiences. I hope that the message transmitted by the people who will participate in this campaign will go far and have the impact that I expect.”

As Miss Ngoma 2022 winner,  Bella Edissa Ngabirano, claims that she has already accomplished a lot to live up to her commitment: « I, with my team, are busy sensitizing people to take care of the environment. We do this online as well as offline by visiting schools to motivate students to take care of and protect the environment as well as to be change agents in their environment. We occasionally clean up the city of Gitega’s trash as well.»

Today, the 20-year-old lady is in pre-university in the Tujenge Scholars Program.


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