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Ideogram: Or The Magic Wand That Turns Your Words Into Pictures

Artificial Intelligence has seen a frivolous and expandable rise since the beginning of the year. The world seems to have been under a very strange wave of a variety of AI, ranging from text to images, without forgetting music. One of the most pried of them has been text-to-image generating AI, with Midjourney leading the […]

Is The Presumed AI Art Witnessing its First Major Victims?

In a surprising move, Microsoft has cut off Twitter from its social media tools for advertisers. The tech giant said it was forced to take this step after Twitter introduced a paywall for its ad program, making it more expensive and less accessible for marketers. Shortly after the announcement, another unexpected news dropped. Accused of […]


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Summer travel turns sour as Ethiopian Airlines luggage troubles mount in Burundi

The summer rush intensifies and Ethiopian Airlines is already under fire as complaints of missing luggage pile up at the Melchior Ndadaye International Airport of Bujumbura. An unprecedented number of passengers, particularly those from the diaspora returning home for the summer, have reported their baggage missing or delayed upon arriving in #Burundi. The influx of […]

EALA MPs Back President Ruto’s Proposal to Embrace Local Currencies in Trade

President Ruto’s call for East African countries to use local currencies instead of the dollar has gained support in the East African Parliament (EAC). The use of dollars in trade exchanges across East Africa has been a long-standing issue, and according to EALA MPs, has negatively affected the region’s economies by undermining the fluidity of […]

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UMUCO Academy Nurtures Young Basketball Talent for a Promising Future of the Game in Burundi

In basketball, as in any other field, talent flourishes when it is cultivated from an early age. Recognizing this, the “UMUCO Academy” has taken on the noble mission of teaching and mentoring young basketball enthusiasts from six years old. The academy currently boasts an impressive enrollment of 240 aspiring players, comprising 120 girls and 120 […]

Sports Age Fraud: A Serious Issue That Needs Immediate Attention

The news emerged yesterday: the basketball teams of both boys and girls sent by the Burundi Basketball Federation – FEBABU – to represent Burundi in the FIBA Africa U16 Qualifiers  in Rwanda, have been disqualified for presenting false information about their age. This was discovered, through IRM tests conducted by specialists from FIBA Africa. What […]

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