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OpenAI’s GPT-4: The Next Level of AI Entrepreneurship… Or so?

  OpenAI, a research organization dedicated to creating and ensuring the safe use of artificial intelligence (AI), has recently released GPT-4, its latest and most advanced language model. GPT-4 is a multimodal system that can process text and image inputs and generate text outputs. It can perform various tasks, such as answering complex questions, understanding […]

Burundi’s Digital Leap: How Starlink’s Satellite Internet Could Change the Game

  Burundi is amongst the African countries set to benefit from Elon Musk’s Starlink technology in 2023. If this actually happens, starlink technology would be a game-changer in Burundi’s Economy as access to reliable internet connections would allow the country to bridge the digital divide, improve economic growth, education, and innovation. Starlink is a satellite […]


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A Tale of Opportunity: In Cibitoke, Mushroom Farming Cooperative Prospered in Wake of Rift Valley Epidemic

As a result of the Rift Valley epidemic in mid-2022, a ban on animal slaughter was put in place, prompting the Imbo people – who are big fans of meat – to switch to edible mushrooms. This presented an immense opportunity to COPEJC, a cooperative of young people who specialise in mushroom farming. The Imbo […]

CREOP-Jeunes’ Fights in Curbing Unemployment

The NGO founded in 2019 commits to rescuing Burundian youth from the nightmare of unemployment. The issue of youth employment arises so  frequently not just in Burundi but also in other corners of the world. It has gone beyond control in Burundi due to the fact the number of young people has skyrocketed and continues […]

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Urunani Basketball Club Dominates New Season Opener with Title Win

  The new 16 teams-format Viva Basketball League opening tournament has been wrapped up with Urunani proving again their domination in Burundian. In fact, a huge gap between teams was undeniably noticed. Ahead of the 2023 VBL season, an opening tournament was organized to give the teams a ground to weigh themselves against others, and […]

The Primus League Resumes, Thunderstorms in the Sight

15 remaining weeks of the second phase are expected to be restless. Bumamuru and Vital’O stand neck and neck at the top of the charts. Who will laugh last, and what else could we expect? Games of the second round of Primus Ligue – the Burundian football championship – started on this 20th January, 2023. […]

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