Ideogram: Or The Magic Wand That Turns Your Words Into Pictures

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Artificial Intelligence has seen a frivolous and expandable rise since the beginning of the year. The world seems to have been under a very strange wave of a variety of AI, ranging from text to images, without forgetting music. One of the most pried of them has been text-to-image generating AI, with Midjourney leading the march.

As this technology advanced, it became more and more performant through the various feedbacks of users, which led to the solving of some of the major differences that differentiated it with human creations such as hands-drawing discrepancies, and now, another big leap, text! Thanks to the new Ideogram!

Ideogram is a new AI tool that lets you create and share amazing images from text in seconds. It’s like having a magic wand that can transform your imagination into reality. And the best part is, it’s free and has no limits, and it can render text in any font and style you want.

Ideogram is the creation of a team of AI wizards who have previously worked on Denoising Diffusion Models, a cutting-edge technology for generative media. The team’s mission is to make creative expression universally accessible and fun, by using AI to help people unleash their inner artist, by rendering coherent text inside images which was a major flaw of many text-to-image models, as they often produced blurry or distorted text.

Who would believe?

“Our text rendering feature paves the way for many creative applications, as our users have already made thousands of logos, posters, graphic designs, and images that convey interesting and fun messages.”, can we read on their website

One of the key features of Ideogram is that it supports a diverse set of image style tags, such as Illustration, Typography, Poster, Photo, 3D Render, Architecture, Fashion, Product, Painting, Vibrant, Portrait Photography, Cinematic, Dark Fantasy, Wildlife Photography, Anime, and Graffiti. You can mix and match these tags in any way you like to produce the type of content that suits your mood.

Ideogram has already become a sensation in its first week of launch, attracting more than 90,000 users who have generated more than 3 million images. The platform also allows users to like and comment on each other’s creations, building a community of dreamers who collectively shape a more creative future.

To try out Ideogram for yourself, sign up at [] and start waving your magic wand. You can also get inspired by the creativity of others and share your feedback with the team.


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