Canada Introduces Immigration Scheme to Attract Tech Professionals

Summary :

  • Canada has sought to bolster its standing as a leading destination for immigrant entrepreneurs by introducing an “innovation stream” that offers attractive benefits to professionals in select tech industries.
  • The announcement was made at the Collision 2023 event held on Tuesday by Sean Fraser, the Minister of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship.
  • A notable aspect of the new “Immigration Tech Talent Strategy” is that you don’t need a job offer to migrate to Canada, making the process much more accessible and appealing.

This new scheme provides open work permits for up to five years, allowing foreign professionals the flexibility to work for any eligible employer in Canada. Additionally, the program offers employer-specific work permits for the duration of five years, benefiting talents employed by companies that contribute to Canada’s industrial innovation objectives.

Canada has long been considered among the most welcoming nations to foreign entrepreneurs seeking new opportunities. According to a 2023 report by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, Canada is ranked as the top destination for immigrant entrepreneurs.

Sean Fraser, Minister in charge of Immigration, expressed enthusiasm for the immigration goals, emphasising their strategic nature beyond mere numbers. He said, “We’re enthusiastic about the ambitious goals we have set in immigration because they aren’t just about numbers – they are strategic. With Canada’s first-ever immigration tech talent strategy, we’re targeting newcomers that can help enshrine Canada as a world leader in a variety of emerging technologies.”

Canada is an attractive destination for many Burundians. The northern american country is home to the largest number of Burundian diaspora. Hundreds of young and aged Burundians choose to migrate to Canada for various reasons, including job opportunities, reuniting with family members, or retiring.

To discover additional details about the opportunities for migration to Canada, refer to this source. 

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