Raging pig disease in Burundi kills 70 pigs in almost one week



  • The disease yet to be identified has been reported since the beginning of this month in some areas of the provinces of Gitega, Bururi, Muyinga and Rumonge
  • According to the Director General of Livestock, 70 pigs have already died out of 116 pigs infected by the disease
  • The sale of pigs and their slaughter will be stopped wherever the disease is detected up to 5 kilometres from the area.


What is even more frightening about the disease is that it is occurring in areas far apart from each other, raising fears of a quick widespread. Symptoms include inflammation, bleeding from the stomach, bloody eyes, and difficulty in moving.  The animals die three to five days after showing the first symptoms.

Serges Nkurunziza, General Director of Livestock in a press conference on Friday 7 October 2022, indicated that based on these signs, the first suspicions were of “swine fever”, a disease caused by high humidity and another disease called Aujezsky. However, the examinations held in laboratory on the basis of these diseases showed that they are not.

He also informed that animal health officers will start disinfecting the area where contaminated pigs have been detected and in the surrounding areas.

Pig farmers are required to inform the nearest veterinarians as soon as they notice that the animal is sick. They are also advised to water their pigs frequently and add water to the barns during periods of high humidity and keep them warm.


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