Prime Minister Gervais Ndirakobuca: “Misbehaving administrative authorities, we keep an eye on you”.


Prime Minister Lt General of Police Gervais Ndirakobuca led a meeting this Monday for the administrative authorities, executives of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fomi fertilizer factory to assess the progress of the 2023A cropping season. Other issues of the country’s general life were also discussed, notably the upward revision of the prices of Brarudi’s products (drinks and lemonades)

Among the conclusions of this meeting, the surprising one, was not even on the agenda and only came at the end of the meeting. “No more bar is allowed to set a higher price for drinks from Brarudi (Burundian biggest brewery) than the one set for all bars under the pretext that it is a ‘VIP’ bar,” insisted Minister Gervais Ndirakobuca.

The decision was well welcomed by consumers, according to the reactions on social networks, even if many questions are being raised as how can a high level standard bar apply the same prices as small neighbourhood cabarets? The minister was adamant about this. “No way, all bars are equal, except for hotels which can derogate from this rule, the others are subject to the same regime. Admnistratives will have to be uncompromising in enforcing this rule starting from now.”

The Prime Minister also urged the FOMI factory, the monopoly manufacturer of fertilizers in Burundi, to make available from October 20, 2022, “Dolomi” type fertilizer in the provinces of Cankuzo, Kayanza, Rutana and Muramvya. And to ensure that by the end of the week all provinces will have fertilizer of type “Imbura” on at least 70% of the land.

The company must also in the near future increase the quantity of “Imbura” fertilizer produced so that all provinces get it in sufficient quantity.

The National Centre for the Verification of the Quality of Seeds used in Burundi, ONCSS, has also been asked to examine all seeds entering the country to ensure that they are of good quality.

The activities of all NGOs operating in Burundi should also be evaluated so that their contribution to development is clearly tangible.

Another point raised by the Prime Minister was the presence of several little barriers in the country. For the Prime Minister, it is inconceivable that there are so many barriers in a country that is safe. He then urged the administrators to reduce the number of these barriers: “On many of these barriers there are taxes that are imposed on passers-by, notes of 5,000 per person that you put in your pockets are collected. Please stop this,” he insisted.

The Prime Minister strongly emphasised that many administrative authorities are guilty of several shortcomings He reminded them that they should face severe sanctions.




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