Gitega Used Electronics Equipment Vendors: “The night has descended upon us by a notch”

Gitega selling corner


  • Since the Gitega Province Governor decided to forbid sales of second-handed computers, phones, and accessories, life has not been easy for the vendors of those items.
  • They request authorities to reconsider the decision.
  • They also make a call to authorities to authorities to take into consideration all aspects of an issue before making a decision, especially when it affects large numbers of people.


Three days ago, Venant Manirambona, the governor of Gitega, made the decision to ban the sale of telephones, computers and their accessories stating that it is the main cause of a current significant increase in theft of these items in the city of Gitega, Burundi’s political capital.

“Now life is very difficult since that decision came out, because even getting money to eat is a problem, let alone that we already have families we have to provide,” said one of the sellers met at Bata, the well-known corner where used electronic items are sold.

« Making decisions without considering their possible repercussions can have a detrimental effect on the population. He continues. Ignoring the effects these decisions might have on individuals can lead to painful consequences for those most affected. Impulsive decisions should always be avoided and dialogue sought before action is taken. We must continue to promote thoughtful decision-making and advocate strongly against any irrational or overly hasty calls to action by our officials. I believe that taking such a decision without warning people so they plan how to deal with it is very dangerous. »

Another one said: “We hope that their will be a space where we can meet with authorities to discuss this decision because we don’t see how we’ll make it through. Our families won’t eat, and we won’t have money for medical care, We won’t be able to pay our rent, so landlords will evict us. We implore the authorities to first halt the implementation of this decision so that it can be reviewed in a way that won’t jeopardize our families’ financial security.”

Venant Manirambona, the governor of Gitega, is categorical on this issue: « Those who want to continue working in the sale of telephones, computers, and other electronic items will only be given green light to continue if they sell new items.

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