CREOP-Jeunes Launches a New Entrepreneurial Incubation Center in Bujumbura


On June 7th, 2023, a new entrepreneurial incubation center in Bujumbura was launched at the CEPRODILIC Hotel by CREOP-Jeunes. The center is aimed at creating a supportive and nurturing environment for young and women entrepreneurs.

The event was organized by CREOP-Jeunes in collaboration with Université Lumière de Bujumbura under the theme “Contributing to the education of youth for their empowerment”. It was an opportunity for a business idea competition, in which 29 final year students from the Professional Institute of Entrepreneurship and Project Management of the university participated, supervised by CREOP-Jeunes.  This competition, marking the end of their academic internship, was organized with the aim of contributing to the education of young people and helping them gain autonomy.

According to Lydie Ndayishimiye, Executive Director of CREOP-Jeunes, the young people were assisted in many ways during their stay at CREOP, including support, coaching and mentoring. Despite the difficulties encountered, such as not having proficiency in computer tools, difficulties in writing business plans, and negligence, the internship went very well.  Rukundo Richard, Lecturer at Université Lumière de Bujumbura, warmly thanked CREOP-Jeunes for its commitment to young people and encouraged them to continue to move forward, particularly by seeking funding for their projects.

Christophe Sindayigaya, Administrative and Financial Director of Microfinance Twikangure, emphasized to the young finalists the importance of staying united to facilitate the mobilization of funding for their projects: “With us, a team of 10 people can easily receive financing without even having to provide guarantees.”

Lydie Ndayishimiye, on the other hand, promised that CREOP-Jeunes will always be available to help young people: “We remain available to young people for other collaborations.”

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