BujaHub and Iris News Unite to Drive Positive Change in Burundi’s Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

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On Monday April 17th, Iris News and BujaHub signed a partnership that seeks to empower young entrepreneurs with the necessary tools to showcase their work, garner support and take their businesses to the next level.  

Among others, the partnership will see Iris News and BujaHub working together to promote start-up movement growth in Burundi and provide a platform for young entrepreneurs to showcase their work through articles, videos, and other media content in Burundi through digital storytelling.

Hans M. Assisa Chief Executive of Buja Hub has said that the partnership complements existing efforts by BujaHub to drive economic transformation in Burundi through youth entrepreneurship by bringing together the country’s brightest innovators to capitalize on their ideas and make their mark.

“We are pleased to launch this partnership with Iris News to complement existing efforts to drive youth entrepreneurship, skilling and support the growth of the innovation ecosystem in Burundi. Youth Entrepreneurship is critical and we should join our hands together to promote young minds that are shaping a brighter future for Burundi. By working together, we can provide these entrepreneurs with the support they need to take their businesses to the next level,” he noted.

Commenting on the move, Guillaume Muhoza, Executive Director of Iris News, echoed Assissa’s sentiments saying this partnership is a step forward in the mission of Iris News to bring visibility to young entrepreneurs in Burundi. “Our goal has always been to shed light on the innovative and creative work being done by young entrepreneurs in our country. By partnering with BujaHub, we can help provide the support and resources that these entrepreneurs need to succeed. As a media, our top priority is to help build a prosperous society by up-skilling the youth, promoting small businesses and supporting start-ups” he said.

BujaHub was established in 2019 to support the start-up movement in Burundi. In just a few short years, the organization has already made significant strides towards coaching more than a hundred young people in essential entrepreneurial skills such as public speaking, business management, teamwork, leadership, customer service and strategic thinking.

With a total of over half a million dollar already raised in funds, BujaHub is now primed to take the country’s start-up scene to the next level by funding growth initiatives and empowering a new wave of young entrepreneurs who are passionate about driving positive change in their communities.

By working together, Iris News and BujaHub expect to bridge the gap between young entrepreneurs and the resources they need to thrive.


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Guillaume Muhoza

Executive Director of Iris News

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