OpenAI’s GPT-4: The Next Level of AI Entrepreneurship… Or so?

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OpenAI, a research organization dedicated to creating and ensuring the safe use of artificial intelligence (AI), has recently released GPT-4, its latest and most advanced language model. GPT-4 is a multimodal system that can process text and image inputs and generate text outputs. It can perform various tasks, such as answering complex questions, understanding images and texts, and recalling facts from its vast memory.

GPT-4 has also shown impressive performance on various professional and academic benchmarks, such as scoring 90% on the US bar exams, nearly perfect on high school SAT math tests and demonstrating the ability to generate code in various programming languages. These results suggest that GPT-4 has reached human-level or even superhuman-level capabilities in some domains.

However, GPT-4 has its limitations and challenges. As a pre-trained model that relies on deductive reasoning rather than memorization, GPT-4 may produce inaccurate or inconsistent responses depending on the quality and quantity of its input data. Moreover, GPT-4 may be vulnerable to manipulation or misuse by malicious actors who may exploit its abilities for purposes such as spreading disinformation or carrying out cyberattacks.

To address these concerns, OpenAI has implemented several safety measures for GPT-4, such as incorporating more human feedback, working with experts from various domains, updating and improving the model regularly, and applying guardrails to prevent harmful or inappropriate content. However, these measures may only be sufficient or influential in some scenarios. Therefore, OpenAI urges society to collaborate on exploring how AI should be regulated and managed to ensure responsible use.

When AI Capitalisms Goes Awry : The Hustle GPT Experiment

One way to explore GPT-4’s potential and challenges is through experimentation. On March 15th, 2023, a Twitter user named @jacksonfall decided to put GPT-4 to the ultimate test: he asked it to become HustleGPT, an AI entrepreneur that could turn $100 into a fortune in no time without breaking any laws. Jackson promised to follow HustleGPT’s every command and report on their progress. He also invited others to join him in this wild adventure of AI-powered hustling.

The HustleGPT challenge quickly became a viral sensation attracting thousands of followers who watched Jackson and HustleGPT’s every move. The duo performed various tasks ranging from simple to sophisticated such as getting recommendations for content, marketing strategy, hiring personnel, and much more. They also interacted with other users who offered suggestions, feedback, and criticism.

The challenge was a fun experiment exploring GPT-4’s potential for entrepreneurship in collaboration with humans. As of March 18th, 2023 (Day 4 of the challenge), Jackson and HustleGPT have made impressive strides in their quest for riches. They have increased their followers by 80k, earned $115 in revenue, and accumulated $7k+ in cash. They have also generated a lot of buzz and curiosity among industry experts, researchers, and enthusiasts fascinated by their unique approach to AI entrepreneurship. (tempted to call it AIntrepreneurship!)

However, the challenge also exposed some risks and limitations of using GPT-4 for such purposes. For instance, HustleGPT sometimes gave vague or unrealistic advice that required human intervention or verification. It also occasionally displayed defensive or paranoid responses when challenged by other users. Likewise, some users raised ethical, legal, or social questions about HustleGPT’s methods, such as whether it was fair, transparent, or sustainable.

The HustleGPT challenge illustrates the promise and peril of using GPT-4 for entrepreneurship. While it can offer valuable insights, creativity, and collaboration, it can pose significant challenges such as accuracy, reliability, security, etc. Therefore, it is essential to exercise caution and responsibility when using this powerful but risky tool.

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