From Burundi to Canada: The Passionate Journey of Dr. Alexis Nizigiyimana, Bringing Health Services Home


Dr. Alexis Nizigiyimana, a native from Mugamba, a commune in Bururi province in Burundi, and now living in Canada, is a young entrepreneur who has achieved his dream of bringing quality health services back to his native region through the Ubuntu Village of Life. His commitment and determination to improve the living conditions of his community make him an inspiring example of success.

The story of Ubuntu Village of Life began a long time ago (at age 7), when Alexis experienced a devastating personal tragedy with the loss of her little sister.  This tragic loss was caused by the lack of access to adequate health services in the locality.  Deeply affected by this experience, Alexis made a crucial decision : he would dedicate his life to bringing a clinic and other essential services to his native region in order to prevent other families from suffering such a tragedy.

After gaining leadership skills through his participation in the U.S. government’s Mandela Fellowship program twice, Alexis worked diligently to turn his dream into reality.  In 2019, the Ubuntu Village of Life was officially launched, with the idea of a clinic, an agro-ecology research center, and a computer training center called the American Corner of Bururi.

The Ubuntu Village of Life quickly established itself as an innovative and holistic project, offering concrete solutions to the needs of the community.  The clinic provides essential medical services, through a successful partnership with the U.S. government.

On Thursday, January 11, 2024, the clinic received significant assistance totaling $450,000, equivalent to 1,280,000,000 BIF, which included state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment such as imaging tools (radiology, ultrasound), and laboratory equipment. Furthermore, maternity equipment and incubators were also provided for the neonatology department, ensuring high-quality care for newborns.

The Art of Creating Lasting Impact and Promising Prospects

In addition to the clinic, American Corner Bururi is an IT training center that aims to build skills, including English, IT and entrepreneurship among local youth.  With its 15 computers, its giant screen and its well-stocked library, this center offers young people learning and personal development opportunities.

The Ubuntu Village of Life is not limited to health and education. It also includes an agro-ecology research center, which emphasizes environmental protection and good agricultural practices.  Through technological innovations and sustainable approaches, this center aims to improve food security and promote environmentally friendly agriculture.

A Fruitful Partnership with the United States

The Ubuntu Village of Life project received significant support, demonstrating the enduring partnership between Burundi and the United States.

Mr. Keith Gilges, representative of the United States Embassy in Burundi, stressed that this partnership is based on principles of collaboration, mutual respect and exchange of ideas and knowledge.  “The United States remains committed to strengthening partnerships that improve community well-being, focusing on areas such as medical preparedness, nutrition and education,” he promised.

The Burundian government, represented by the Ministry of Health through its Permanent Secretary upon receipt of this donation, also praised the achievements of Alexis Nizigiyimana for this great project.  Olivier Nijimbere assured him of the Health Ministry’s continued support to maintain the quality and operating standards of the clinic.  Léonidas Bandenzamaso, governor of Bururi, called on other young Burundians living abroad to follow Alexis’ example and contribute to the development of their country of origin.

The vision of a better future…

Alexis Nizigiyimana, for his part, considers this project as a concrete contribution to the vision of the President of the Republic, which aims to make Burundi an emerging country by 2040 and a developed country by 2060. He expresses his gratitude to  the US government for its partnership as well as to the Madiro Foundation based in Canada, which will help provide free care to pregnant women and children under 5 years old at this clinic.

In terms of future prospects, Alexis announced that he plans to expand the clinic and obtain international accreditation, which will help provide quality health services to more people.

Thanks to Alexis Nizigiyimana and the Ubuntu Village of Life, the Mugamba locality in Burundi now benefits from essential medical services, quality IT training and an innovative approach to sustainable agriculture.  His success story is a testament to the power of commitment and determination to create a positive impact in his community.

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