The Flavor of Controversy: Seductive Siren ‘Kirungo’ Banned from Community for Allegedly Stealing Multiple Husbands


Mukeshimana Aniella, a woman known as ‘Kirungo’ due to her alluring physical looking, has been banned from residing in the Butihinda commune of Muyinga Province. This decision came after several complaints from local women who accused Kirungo of seducing and stealing their husbands.

According to a statement by Ndikumasabo Gilbert, Kirungo comes from Karusi Province and since her arrival on the Kamaramagambo hill, social tranquility has been greatly disturbed as men seem to fall under her spell.

However, the decision to ban Kirungo has sparked strong criticism on social media, with some arguing that it is unjustified. Lawyer Chris Habonimana spoke out, stating that the decision by the Butihinda administrator has no legal standing. Article 33 of the Burundian constitution guarantees every citizen the freedom to settle anywhere within the national territory. “Even tenants who have defaulted on payments cannot be evicted without a court order. Therefore, administrative expulsion of a Burundian national from their own native country’s territory is illegal”, commented the lawyer.

It is important to note that the Kamaramagambo region used to be a thriving area for mineral extraction until the government banned illegal mining activities. Although the region has suffered due to this ban, the people still lead an urban-like lifestyle.

UPDATE : The Governor of Muyinga has since cancelled the decision to expel Mukeshimana Aniella from the commune, citing the decision’s non-compliance with the law. This incident raises concerns about whether authorities in Burundi consider the limits of their powers within the framework of the law before making decisions.


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