Author: Steve Cedric Bizimana


February 1st, 2017, the then President of the Republic, Pierre Nkurunziza, signed a presidential decree (Nº 100/18) defining new modalities for obtaining scholarships in Burundi. The decree established a scholarship loan for students in public universities, replacing the old system of providing monthly scholarships to students in public universities. What has been the real effect of […]


Fake news, propaganda and battle for shaping public opinion for a specific agenda is nothing new. With AI, the tactics have become more sophisticated, presenting deeper challenges to unraveling truth from falsehood. With the capabilities to create extremely realistic images among other things, everyone will need to have greater awareness to avoid inadvertently relaying fake […]


Anti and Pro-Rights of LGBTQ+ people in Africa have been throwing shades at each other for the origin of Homosexuality for years. Thus, antigay movement have emphasised the “imported” characteristic of Homosexuality while LGBTQ+ rights activists have focused on foreign aid to further narrow down this community rights. In view of recent news in East […]

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