March 28, 2023 Avatar photoDon Délice Ndikumana

Urunani Basketball Club Dominates New Season Opener with Title Win

  The new 16 teams-format Viva Basketball League opening tournament has been wrapped up with Urunani proving again their domination in Burundian. In fact, a huge gap between teams was undeniably noticed. Ahead of the 2023 VBL season, an opening tournament was organized to give the teams a ground to weigh themselves against others, and […]
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November 30, 2022 Avatar photoGuillaume Muhoza

7 facts to know about the 1st edition of the World Cup

  The first World Cup that took place in 1930 in Uruguay was incredible in many ways, 7 facts to know about the 1st edition of the World Cup. The game that was supposed to be the kick-off of the competition took place after 9 other games because the construction of the Centenario stadium was […]
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October 4, 2022 Avatar photoGuillaume Muhoza

Burundian sports journalists demand a media zone in the national stadium

While the renovation of the Intwari Stadium has already started, sports journalists in Burundi are asking to be given a suitable and spacious place in that stadium while they report matches especially as their work contributes to the promotion of sports in Burundi. The renovation happens after the Intwari Stadium was banned by CAF in […]
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